Don't let the Tories get away with it.

The Tories are a critical danger to our health.

The Tories have pushed the NHS to breaking point. One-in-twelve people in England are currently waiting for an operation. This is the highest number ever. 

Tory politicians have been hurting the NHS for years, and now they want to finish the job by selling it off in a trade deal with Donald Trump.

Tory-starved NHS is at breaking point.

Nine years of Tory governments have left the NHS at breaking point. The Tories have starved our health service and as a result waiting times are longer than ever. A record 4.41 million of us are currently waiting for an operation, and last year 625,678 patients waited for over four hours on hospital trolleys in corridors. That is ten times higher than before they took over.

The Tories support privatisation. They would put our NHS up for sale.

The top roles in Johnson’s cabinet are filled by politicians who want to privatise the NHS. Johnson’s top two negotiators in any future US trade deal, his Foreign Secretary (Dominic Raab) and Trade Secretary (Liz Truss), have called for a health service where up to “two thirds” of hospitals are run by  private companies.

Johnson’s second-in-command, Michael Gove, has openly argued the NHS should be dismantled. He has claimed that the NHS is 
“no longer relevant in the 21st century” and advocated scrapping it in favour of an American-style insurance system.

NHS up for sale by the conservatives

The Tories are lying about the NHS. Doctors don't trust them.

Doctors and nurses reject the claims made by the Tories at this election. You can watch them dismantle Tory promises here.

A USA/Trump trade deal would cost the NHS £500 million a week.

Leaked documents show Trump and his allies in American drug corporations want to force the NHS to pay extortionate prices for life-saving treatments. The Tories are refusing to take the NHS off the table. 

The NHS has saved us, now it's time for us to save the NHS.

Make sure your friends and family know what five more years of Tory government would mean for our NHS. 

Join the thousands of doctors, nurses and emergency staff defending our health service this winter.

Vote for the NHS on December 12th.

the nhs is under fire, on the table and up for sale
NHS in crisis and plans for sale by conservative government

Our NHS is...

Don’t let the Tories get away with it.